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About Earhart Campground

Earhart Station LLC is a family-owned-and-operated facility located in beautiful Bristol, Tenn. We began parking cars at the very first race held at Bristol International Raceway in 1961 and are now open for most major local events throughout the year. Over the years, we have grown to become a full-service facility offering spectacular camping opportunities, daily parking and tailgating sites, retail vending, corporate marketing and sponsor-hosted hospitality sites. We also produce a full-scale, free concert series entitled Rockin’ & Racin’ presented by Miller Lite. We have continually strived to improve our facilities to be the most family-friendly operation anywhere. Our goal is to make sure our guests are provided with the best Bristol experience possible -- whether you are camping, parking or just visiting our facility!  (To learn more about the history of our 200+ year-old farm, please click here.)


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Aside from our basic campground facilities, we offer several other extra services.


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